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Obituary for Victor Walbridge

Victor Edward Walbridge left the world the evening of February 10, 2020, at the age of 47.

He is survived by his wife Susie, daughter Lily, adopted son Emmett, parents Michael and Margaret, sister Kim (Joseph) Mancuso, niece Arianna, nephew Michael, in-laws Mark and Bernadette Hamilton, sister-in-law Megan (Joe) Madge, and brother-in-law Michael Hamilton. He was preceded by Phil, who left early to get a head start.

He also left behind an apparently endless chosen family comprised of friends new and old, past and current loves, enamored acquaintances, hangers-on, enemies, and confused on-lookers dazed by the exuberance and often times dark humor of what was undoubtedly the smartest guy in the room.

During his time here he had been an armchair historian, father, actor, musician, husband, foil, teacher, inspiration, boogeyman, life-long student, lawyer, writer (winning two Hopwood writing awards, only tying but not beating the record set by Arthur Miller, a fact with which he was never satisfactory resigned to), and friend to multitudes.

He made many mistakes. He did wrong. He enlightened. He taught. He was a lover of attention who never failed to focus his complete and total attention on a friend in need.

In the end he was a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside a worn leather jacket, that was also an enigma.

Victor took his own life after a lifelong battle with depression and PTSD. He stayed with us as long as he could. He will not, and can not, be forgotten.

A visitation will take place Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 11 am until time of funeral service at 1 pm at the Nie Family Funeral Home, 2400 Carpenter Rd., Ann Arbor. Interment will take place at the LeLand Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan. A potluck wake will follow at the farmhouse. A Memorial fund has been established for those wishing to make a memorial contribution in Victor's memory. Please visit for more information.